Community Projects

We are involved in a number of community projects which we support in different ways. You can also get involved. If you have items that you can bring from home, or have a day or two to spare, you could help to change the lives of at least some of Kenya's needy children.

Watoto Wema Children Centre

This orphanage is home to between 40 and 60 children who are totally orphaned or born to families who for various reasons cannot care for them. Over the last few years we are proud to have assisted raising enough money to buy land and build new housing and a small school. But there is still a lot to be done, and ongoing educational, health and food needs. If you would like to help, please contact us directly or join their Facebook page.
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Mokoyeti Brook Day Care

Not unlike many families from developed countries, it is the case in Kenya that often both parents must work to sustain their family. In low-income areas, it is an unfortunate reality that children under six are often left unsupervised, or only looked after by other young siblings. Day care or pre-school is not a luxury that many families can afford. 

Mokoyeti Brook Youth Group

Long-term unemployment, even for well-educated people, is a future often faced is Kenya. The youth group was established to bring hope, focus and meaning to idle young people living in the area. There are many activities that the youth engage in, including sanitation, mentoring the younger children, as well as a number of income generation activities like raring rabbits and chickens. They would really love anyone who has a skill that can transfer into a business to spend time with them to ensure they can earn a living and sustain their families.
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